India’s first ‘unmanned’ police station to be built at Gujarat’s GIFT city

The ‘smart’ police station will be built along the lines of the Smart Police Stations of Dubai

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Inspired by the advanced smart police station of Dubai, India’s first unmanned police station is set to being built in the International Finance Tech-City (GIFT City) in Gandhinagar, Gujarat. Gandhinagar Superintendent of Police Ravi Teja Vasamsetty along with an officer from the Ministry of Home Affairs had visited Dubai to understand the working behind such police stations. The focus is being kept on the fact that the police force should be out in the field serving the people, not at the stations stuck in menial paperwork. Therefore, no policeman will be found in this police station. The entire staff will remain in the field while the paperwork will be done on dedicated kiosks at the police station.


Gandhinagar Range IG Virendra Yadav says that people not only from the country but from all over the world will come to GIFT City. Hence for security purposes, private security along with the police will be prevalent in the city. The supervision of private security however, will be done by the police only.


The station will look much like a corporate office from the outside. No employee will be physically present in the station, but instead complaints and other paperwork will be done on dedicated kiosks. An AI-chatbot will be installed to help those looking to avail the services of the police station.


What is GIFT city?

Gujarat's International Finance Tech-City (GIFT City) is currently under construction in Gandhinagar and is set to be India's first operational greenfield smart city and international financial services centre, which the Government of Gujarat promoted as a ‘greenfield’ project. As of June 2023, it is home to 23 multi-national banks, including HSBC, JP Morgan, and Barclays. Therefore, foreign businessmen and groups are expected to make frequent visits to the technologically advanced Gift City in Gandhinagar.


Therefore, there is a need for next-level security system in the Smart City. Police study has also revealed that crimes like cyber fraud and economic fraud are expected be more prevalent in Gift City than crimes like theft, robbery and murder. Keeping this in mind, this idea of an unmanned police station was fabricated.