Ambassador To Return India: Very soon Hindustan Motors is going to present the customer's favourite Ambassador in India in a new style. It has been revealed in the latest report that the company will launch the new generation Ambassador in India in the next 2 years and the company is doing this work in collaboration with French automaker Peugeot.

The Ambassador of Hindustan Motors, which has been a status symbol in the Indian market for decades, is all set to return in a new avatar. Due to falling demand and losses, the company stopped production of this iconic car in 2014. Now reports have come to the fore that the company will launch a new ambassador in India within two years. 

Hindustan Motor Financial Corporation of India (HMFCI) has joined hands with French carmaker Puzo to bring back this classic car. It has been revealed in the latest information that both these companies are currently working on the design and engine of Ambassador 2.0.

Production will take place at the Chennai plant

The new generation Ambassador will be produced at Hindustan Motors' Chennai plant. Its functioning will be under HMFCI which is an associate company of CK Birla Group. In an interview with Times of India, Hindustan Motors Director Uttam Bose while talking about the production of this car said that the new Ambassador will be presented in the best look. 

Pointing to the launch of the car in the coming year, he said that the design and mechanical work of the car has reached an advanced stage.

This car was a status symbol in India

The Ambassador of Hindustan Motors is based on the British carmaker Morris Oxford Series 3 which was launched in 1957. Within no time, the luxurious car became a status symbol among Indian customers and also became the best selling car for decades. Due to low demand and losses, this company stopped operations in the country in 2014. 

In 2017, Hindustan Motors joined hands with French carmaker Puzo and CK Birla Group sold the Ambassador brand to Puzo for Rs 80 crore. Now the company is about to launch the customers' favourite ambassador in a completely new avatar.

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