Tsunami still imminent; people asked to stay away from beach

More than 400 people died in the tragic disaster, many still missing

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Serang: On Tuesday night, warning was issued by Indonesia's Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) that Sunda Strait tsunami remains imminent because of continuing tremors in Anak Krakatau volcano slope which is coupled with extreme weather around the volcano. It was BMKG Chairperson Dwikorita Karnwati, who conveyed the warning at a press conference in her office. She said that the intense volcanic activities in Anak Krakatau volcano along with extreme weather and high wave in Sunda Strait may lead to another collapse of the volcano's wall that may  instigate another tsunami anytime.

 "It is feared that it may potentially incite tsunami exactly like our hypothesis on tsunami that occurred on Dec. 22," Dwikorita said. "Based on those situations we urge people to remain alert, stay away at least 500 meters to 1 kilometer from the beach", she said cautioning the people at the press conference.

She said that mobile applications that would allow the people to monitor Anak Krakatau's volcanic activities live from their gadget, would be provided by the BMKG. Besides through the applications namely InfoBMKG and MAGMAIndonesia, the BMKG would also pertinently update the latest information related to tsunami risk from the volcano on its social media accounts, she said. 

"We expect people to continue monitor development of information. The MAGMA Indonesia would provide the early warning related to level of Anak Krakatau volcanic activities," she said. Mobile application were also aimed at straightening up the information following frequent false information circulated in social media about Sunda Strait tsunami that triggered panic among people. 

            Indonesia search team has recovered 429 bodies from several affected areas in Java's Banten province and Sumatra's Lampung province so far from Sunda Strait tsunami caused by Anak Krakatau volcanic activities. The disaster has also left over 1,400 as injured and over 16000 people as displaced. It has also damaged over hundreds of houses and boats.