Indonesian woman swallowed by giant python while buying medication for her son

Indonesian woman found inside giant python after leaving to get medicine for her son, triggering a search by her husband and villagers.

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A terrifying incident involved the discovery of a 36-year-old Indonesian woman inside the stomach of a giant python while she was out buying medication for her sick son. Local media sources state that the incident occurred on July 2, when Siriati went to buy medication for her son. Her husband and the villagers started a search when she failed to return home.

According to the media report, her 30-year-old husband Adiansa discovered her underwear and slippers 500 meters from their home in the South Sulawesi province's Siteba village.

What transpired after the villagers discovered the python?

The question of whether the woman had been attacked by a reptile surfaced as a result of this. They looked for hours before discovering a massive, presumably 16-foot-tall python with an enlarged belly. About ten meters off the path, he saw a snake. Not long after that, As with many Indonesians, Idul, the chief of police in the area, told the news agency AFP that the snake was still alive. .

Iyang, the village secretary, told AFP that Mr. Adiansa grew suspicious when he saw the pythons very large belly. Then, when they discovered Siriatis body, the villagers cut into its stomach.

Attacks by snakes in Indonesia.

Although these kinds of incidents are exceedingly uncommon, several people have been eaten by pythons in recent years. In June, in a different South Sulawesi district, a woman was found dead inside the stomach of a reticulated python. An 8-meter python was found strangling and devouring a farmer in a village in 2023, prompting the province's residents to kill it. Analogously, in Muna town, southeast Sulawesi, in 2018, a 54-year-old woman was discovered dead inside a 7-meter python. A West Sulawesi farmer went missing the year before and was subsequently discovered inside a 4-meter python on an oil palm plantation.