Tensions between India and Canada have reached unprecedented levels following comments made by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. As Canada levels accusations against India regarding the assassination of Khalistani activist Hardeep Singh Nijjar, analysts are keenly observing Trudeau’s apparent support for the Khalistani cause, especially in light of the upcoming 2025 Canadian elections.

⬛ Demographics and Politics: The Punjabi Sikh Influence

• Population Metrics:

• Punjabis account for 2.6% of Canada’s total population, with a figure of about 950,000.

• 770,000 out of these are Sikhs, marking significant representation.

• Electoral Significance:

• To clinch a majority in the House of Commons, a party needs 170 seats out of the total 338.

• In the 2021 elections, 16 out of the 17 MPs of Indian origin were Punjabis.

This demographic advantage suggests that any political party aiming for success cannot ignore the Punjabi Sikh community.

⬛ 2021 Elections: A Glimpse into Punjabi Power Play

Highlighted contests demonstrating the might of the Punjabi electorate:

• Brampton South: Liberal Party’s Sonia Sidhu overcame challengers Ramandeep Barad and Tajinder Singh.

• Calgary Skyview: George Chahal of the Liberal Party outperformed Gurinder Singh and Jag Sahota.

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These face-offs are indicative of the depth of Punjabi integration into Canadian political dynamics.

⬛ Provincial Dominance

A brief on how Punjabis have made their mark across provinces:

• Ontario: Led the chart with 8 Punjabi MPs.

• British Columbia: Boasted 4 MPs, including notable names like Jagmeet Singh and Harjit Singh Sajjan.

• Alberta: Witnessed victories of 3 MPs, with George Chahal being prominent.


The rationale behind Prime Minister Trudeau’s tilt towards the Khalistani agenda might be deeply rooted in the demographics and electoral dynamics of Canada. As the Punjabi Sikh community continues to grow and exert its influence, leaders, including Trudeau, might find it strategically essential to cater to their sentiments. With the 2025 elections looming, Canada’s political scene will certainly be under the microscope, with international relations hanging in the balance.

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