A kiss is considered as the expression of love, it is a wonderful way to express your feelings. According to the experts, a kiss strengthens the relationship between two and it is also beneficial for mental health. Kissing can be an enjoyable experience in and of itself and is an experience of love and intimacy.

Kissing can be nerve-wracking, comforting, exciting, and sometimes completely awkward. The feel of the kiss depends on the context: who you’re with, how often you have kissed them, and most importantly the type of kiss!

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Here is a list of twelve types of kisses, have a look:

1. Air Kiss: Air kiss is regarded as a greeting gesture more than a romantic one as it can be exchanged between friends and family members. 

It occurs when people extend their lips to kiss but don’t actually touch the second person. Air kiss depends on the cultures, in some cultures a single kiss is enough and while in others you can go with two or three. 

2. Peck: A peck is a simple, soft touch of lips. In this lips are gently touched to cheeks or lips of another person. Mostly, a peck is something which people aim with their first kiss. 

3. Forehead Kiss: Forehead kiss literary means – kiss on the forehead. This type of kiss indicates care and sweetness. This type of kiss can be given to romantic partners, family, friends or older family members. 

4. Hand Kiss: A hand kiss is a gentle kiss on someone’s hand. Holding someone’s hand and kissing it is a loving gesture if there is a relationship between the two people. 

5. Nose Kiss: A nose kiss can be lip to nose or nose to nose kiss. Most commonly it’s a sweet and familial greeting.

6. Top-of-the-head kiss: These types of kisses provide a sense of security, comfort and familiarity. The top of the head kiss usually comes from parents and grandparents.

7. Single lip kiss: Single lip kiss is more sensual than a peck. It is a good start to a French kiss. The kiss happens when one partner slightly opens their mouth and the other partner kisses the top lip.

8. French Kiss: French kiss is a mixture of open-mouth kiss and tongue. Generally, tongue movement is controlled during this kiss.

9. Neck Kiss: The neck is a vulnerable part of the human body, and most often exposing the neck is a sign of flirtation. Body language experts suggest kissing the nape of the neck and the sides of the neck. 

10. Bite Kiss: It is nibbling lips in between kissing. If you want to make a French kiss more interesting then you should start nibbling your partner’s lips or you may lightly tug it with your lips.

11. Body Kiss: A body kiss is a kissing way in which you kiss various body parts of your partner, these body parts include the hot spots, where the blood flow is close to the skin. This type of kiss may make the make-out session more intimate or erotic. 

12. Lizard Kiss: A lizard kiss is when partners kiss by touching tongues only. It is a way to add more erotic charge. It can be incorporated with make-out sessions and interspersed between French Kissing. 

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Kissing Tips:

1. The most important tip is asking for consent. 

2. Hydration is the key, so keep in mind that you are not dry-mouthed.

3. Kiss must be started slowly as a slow buildup can make the experience more pleasurable. 

4. Involve the whole body. Don’t just use your lips try to involve all body parts, like you may put your arm around the waist of your partner. 

5. Make kiss a priority. You must set with your partner for 30 to 40 minutes daily to reconnect, kiss, cuddle.

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