Moscow, Dec 26 (Sputnik) Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday that he did not see any threats allegedly posed to the country's industrial development by the implementation of the 2015 Paris Agreement on climate change.

On Tuesday, Sergey Mironov, the leader of A Just Russia party, handed over a letter expressing concerns over the possible negative impact of the Paris climate agreement's implementation on Russia's industrial growth to Putin. According to Mironov, the agreement might put Russia in a position where it will have to reduce gas and oil production.

"I believe that in this case the Climate Doctrine of the Russian Federation and our part of the Paris Agreement, in general, should be seen in the context of  Russia's national security. I believe that we do not have any threats of that kind in reality, but in order to prevent their emergence, of course, let's monitor [the issue]," Putin said.

 The Paris climate deal, created within the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, went into force on November 4, 2016. It has been ratified by 184 of the 197 parties to the accord. The deal aims to keep the increase in average global temperature at below 2 degrees Celsius (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit) above pre-industrial levels by means of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


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