Apple sure knows how to keep its big plans hushed but the last time the new design of the 12 series had leaked before its official release. The big question that we all have on our minds is that, how will the new iPhone be any different from the previous model? 

The rumours have almost revealed the new features that we have been waiting for. If we talk about the price of the new iPhone, the iPhone 13 mini will start around $699 (64GB), iPhone 13 at $799 (64GB).   

While the iPhone 13 Pro will start from $999 (128GB), and iPhone 13 Pro Max will start from $1,099 (128GB). Although the iPhone 12 series had the first OLED display which has many added advantages including punchier colours and true blacks, it also had some drawbacks like a slow refresh rate, but the new device is said to be much smoother and will provide a better user experience. 

iPhone 13 Pro will support a 120Hz refresh rate and will provide better gameplay. According to the information received, the new models will be released without the notch which the 12 series had. 

This is considered a good change as most of the smartphones releasing now have a full-screen display. Like all other smartphones, iPhone 13 will be releasing with its first Always On Display, which is a low power mode displaying basic information like date and time. 

The 12 series of iPhone had some vibrant colors and the new addition of purple to it but this time according to rumours, there will be a bright pink color in which the latest series will be released. 

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Even though there are multiple rumours about the latest device which is all set to be released on 14th these are all rumours and could be contradicted during the release. We all could be surprised as well, it sure is unpredictable.

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