Is Joel Miller dead, who attacked him? The Last of Us Season 1 Episode 6 ending explained

The Last of Us Episode 6 was aired and Joel finally met his brother Tommy who has totally changed.

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Hollywood actors Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey's starrer show The Last of Us has become people's favorite ever since it has been aired. Recently, The Last of Us Episode 6 was aired and Joel finally met his brother Tommy who has totally changed. The Last of Us Episode 5 was among the most talked about as fans were heartbroken after seeing the ill-fate of Henry and Sam. While Sam got bit by one of the infected, Henry shoots himself as he kills little Sam because he attacked Ellie (Bella Ramsey). The previous episode ended showing Joel (Pedro Pascal) and Ellie heading towards Tommy after burying Sam and Henry. The Last of Us Episode 6 starts 3 months ahead with Joel and Ellie ending up in a secluded hut where an old woman and an old man live together (husband and wife probably). Joel asks them about where they are and how can he reach to his brother Tommy. The man warns Joel that he should go to the east, and do not cross the 'Death River' as he has lots of dead bodies there including the infected. Assuming you are reading this write, you have already watched The Last of Us Episode 6 and therefore, we will head straight to the answer of the question we are looking for-

Is Joel dead?

Joel was stabbed in his stomach by an attacker when he along with Ellie were trying to flee from a hospital facility. Although Joel killed the attacker, he had to flee with Ellie on a horse given by his brother Tommy after a group of attackers tried to attack them. Ellie saw that Joel has been stabbed badly and when they reached to some distance, Joel fell from the horse keeping the fans fans puzzled that he might be dead. Courtesy of Ellie's reactions, all fans who have played the game of The Last of Us are asking the same question- Did Joel die? (Spoilers Ahead)

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The answer is no. But the injury is a lot worse. However, how Ellie will help Joel is a subject for the next episode and the makers have kept it a secret. When Joel falls on the ground, Ellie breaks down and expresses that he cannot die and have to wake up, otherwise she is as good as a dead person. In Last of Us Episode 6, Joel and Ellie finally start to bond together like a father and daughter. In fact, Joel teaches Ellie hunting when they were way to the camp of Fireflies.

In the game, Joel and Ellie are fleeing from inside the hospital; the attackers have come in swarms and Joel and Ellie must run-and-gun their way out. As Joel (and, in this moment, the player) makes for a door, leading from an outside corridor overlooking the hospital’s courtyard, a man bursts through, throwing Joel against the courtyard railing. It’s a moment where gameplay seamlessly transitions to cutscene: the two struggle, and then both fall. The perspective of the fall is a skyward view from the courtyard, where a protruding piece of rebar frames the foreground. Joel and the attacker fall towards the camera. Joel is impaled on the rebar.