In a bizarre incident, a shameless man groped a female journalist named Isa Balado who was reporting for a live show. As per reports, Isa Balado was reporting on a robbery in the Spanish capital Madrid when suddenly a man came back from behind and touched the female journalist's bottom which literally made her uncomfortable. The female journalist continued to do her job, however, the anchor noticed it and asked of female journalist what actually happened on the live television. To be precise, Nacho Abad, anchor for Cuatro, said during the incident: "Isa, forgive me for interrupting you… but did he just touch your bottom?" To which the journalist in an uncomfortable manner replied yes. Now, Isa Balado video is doing rounds on social media and netizens are furious over the incident.

In the viral Isa Balado groping video, the man not only touched her inappropriately without her content but went on to ask what channel she was from before she challenged him live on air. After Balado said that the man actually groped her bottom, the anchor then demanded the “idiot” be put on camera. After being asked why he felt the need to grope her backside, the man took a U-turn and denied ever touching her. Despite the female reporter confronting the shameless man, he then tried to touch her hair and head before fleeing from the spot.

The female journalist informed the anchor that the shameless man continued to loiter nearby and was harassing and groping other women he came across in the street. The channel has issued a statement saying it "rejects any form of harassment or aggression" and expressing its support for the reporter "after the absolutely intolerable situation she has suffered". After Isa Balado's video went viral on social media, the Spanish authorities arrested the man and shared the video on X as well.

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What did netizens say on Isa Balado groping video?

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A user wrote, "I wonder if that would have happened if she was wearing something more professional instead of a skin tight nightclub outfit. Just thinking out loud"

Another user wrote, "Good. Hope they smacked him around a bit in jail for being a sex fiend."

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