Israeli troops raided the offices of the official Palestinian news agency in Ramallah on Monday.Dozens of heavily armed Israeli soldiers raided WAFA news offices in Ramallah and fired teargas inside the building causing suffocation and difficulty in breathing among the journalists who were inside the building.



According to WAFA news agency, the soldiers broke into the receivers' room and seized video tapes of the surveillance cameras after forcing the staff to stay in one room.


Palestinians clashed with the soldiers along their path and when the soldiers reached the building WAFA is located in,which is not far from the presidential headquarters, the clashes intensified.


The soldiers showered the Palestinian stone throwers with teargas and stun grenades. They also fired live bullets and rubber-coated metal bullets wounding four and another 20 as a result of gas inhalation, according to the Red Crescent.

The night before a shooting attack was witnessed in the West Bank during which several Israeli settlers were shot and injured.


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