‘Jado asi chhote si…’: Farmer Shubhkaran’s sister says harsh words about ‘mother’ who suddenly returns to ‘grieve’

Shubhkaran singh’s mother appeared on camera saying he was her only son, with their grandparents raising them, who also passed away some time ago

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In a shocking turn of events, ‘mother’ of Shubhkaran Singh, the 21-year-old farmer killed during the agitation on Khanauri border, appeared on camera dispelling the rumours of her death. She claimed that she had separated from Shubhkaran’s father due to drug-related issue but was in regular contact with Shubhkaran. But following her appearance, Shubhkaran Singh’s younger sister had some strong words to say.


She expressed her outrage on the “mother” Veerpal Kaur’s sudden reappearance saying that this woman had left her children when they were very young. She further said that she had never even seen her or raised the kids at all as she had left when Shubhkaran was just 2 years old. "Jado Chhote-Chhoteyan nu chhad gyi te hun hak hi nhi hai vapis aaunda" (She has no right to come back into our lives) she said. Veerpal had also said that she wants her “son” to be cremated, but Shubhkaran’s sister disagrees saying that he will not be cremated until justice is delivered. "Meinu kadeyan dekheya hi nhi, paaleya hi nhi, Hun kehndi mere jawak, pr odon dikheya hi nhi (She never even saw me, raised me, but now she says they are my children but did not see this at that time)" she goes on to say. 


The ‘bereaved mother’ explained that her three children had been raised by their grandparents who had also passed away sometime ago. She explained that after separating from Shubhkaran’s father, she had remarried and was currently living with her in-laws. She said that she had returned to get a glimpse of her son’s face.


Shubhkaran Singh was the son of Charanjit Singh, resident of Ballo village of Bathinda and was the only brother of two sisters. His mother was believed to have passed away, after which grandmother Sukhjit Kaur helped in raising the three siblings. He allegedly died after being hit by a bullet fired by the police at the protesting farmers during the agitation at Khanauri Border. There was a ‘bullet-like’ injury on his head. Recently his family had turned down the ex-gratia Rs. 1 crore compensation and a government job from the state government saying that they wanted justice for his death, and it cannot be equated money or a job offer.