Jalandhar Hospital administers expired vaccine to 10-week-old girl, family demands action

10-week-old's health worsens after receiving expired injection at prominent Doaba Chowk hospital named Kamal Hospital; family accuses doctor of negligence.

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The condition of a 10-week-old girl deteriorated due to an expired injection in a famous private hospital named Kamal Hospital located near Doaba Chowk. On this, the family members created a ruckus, accusing the doctor of negligence.

Hitesh Singla, a resident of Guru Gobind Singh Avenue, said that he had taken his 10-week-old girl to a famous hospital located near Doaba Chowk for routine injections. The hospital staff showed negligence and administered an expired injection. The condition of the girl deteriorated as soon as the injection was administered. When the father saw the vaccine, he was surprised that the girl had been administered an expired injection.

When he complained to the head doctor of the hospital in this regard, he accepted the mistake of the hospital staff and started apologizing. On the doctor's orders, all the vaccines kept in the fridge were removed at the same time. Hitesh Singla appealed to the people of Jalandhar that we have called upon all of us to be cautious of such hospitals so that no such incident happens to anyone's child in the future. He appealed to the Health Department and said that strict action should be taken against such hospitals.