The project of Jalandhar Smart City was to be completed in 2021, which is still running on axle. The central government has also extended the time of 2 years, but even then the work will not be completed in time. At the time when the project was approved, a fund of 1984 crores was approved, but later changes were made due to some priorities.

Currently only projects of 905.19 crore are in progress. Out of the Surrey fund, 40 crores were to be spent on social research. 134.11 crore for buying new buses under the public transport system, CNG pumping was to be done with 9.23 crores.

32.64 Crore to PNG gas pipeline was to be laid in the city. A total of 216.48 crore of work was done only in the papers. The most attachment catching project under this was the cricket stadium, which was to be made of 567 crore including various facilities in it. The project fund was then reduced to 78 crore.

There was also a project of 805 crore in which the water of Satluj will be delivered to homes under Surface Water Project was only given 400 crore. Which means right now the biggest project is the water project. The projects are being done with a very slow speed. 

Here is the full list of the projects of your smart city:

Public Transport: 134.11 crore

PNG Distribution: 32.64 crore

Social Research: 40.50 crore
These works are started but being in progress with very slow speed

CCTV Camera Project: 190.75 crore, works is at its primary stage

Roof Top Solar Power: 12 crore, some changes made in the project and work is in progress

Burlton Park Sports Hub: Some changes in the project, 78 crore. Work at its primary stage.

LED Street Light: Project of 49 crore, 90% done

CNG for Public Transport: 9.23 crore

Underground Gas: 952.27 crore

A project of 805 crore as Surface Water Project was made during the Congress government. The fund of 400 crore was raised for this project by reducing the funds of other under Smart City project. In this the project of Street lights was reduced from 140 crores to 49 crores. Similarly, Burlton Park Sports Hub was worth 567 crores, which was reduced to 78 crores. Whereas the project of installing solar panels was reduced from Rs 197.44 crore to Rs 12 crore. In this way, a total of Rs 765 crore was left for other works, out of which Rs 365 crore was saved by giving 400 crore to Surface Water Project.

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Out of the ongoing works under Smart City, only the project of street lights have been completed 90 percent. When the survey was done regarding the works of the city, people had told about the traffic problem, cleanliness and pollution. For this, provisions were made for City Bus Service, Camera Project and Smart Road. Today all projects are stuck. This has worsened the condition of the biggest project till date for the development of the city. In the Congress government, 3 years were spent in issuing tenders to get approval for making DPR.

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