As per latest information received from Jalandhar, a video has gone viral on various social media platforms where a woman was seen openly firing in the air and flaunting pistol held in her hand.

Reportedly, this video was shot a few days back but it has gone viral soon after Punjab government and police are continuously making efforts to put a ban on promoting gun culture in state. This video faced a massive backlash for brandishing weapons. Soon after it went viral, the used removed video from her social media handle.

In the video, it is very evidently visible that girl is not hesitant about anything and is openly firing in the air with a pistol in her hand. The video was shot in some fields and later posted on social media. As this video might create a trouble for girl, she removed video as soon as it went viral.

This video has gone viral soon after a video of famous Kulhad Pizza couple that also went viral for brandishing weapons. The couple was seen making reel with weapons. Soon after this, the couple faced massive backlash for doing so and promoting gun culture. Police also registered a case against both of them. The couple also put up a video clarifying that gun shown in video is not real but a toy gun. They further added, “we haven’t violated any rules. The video made was just for purpose of entertainment.”

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