Jalandhar woman goes on indefinite hunger strike over Kulhad Pizza Couple leaked video row

Vaneet Kaur started her protest outside the DC Office in Jalandhar and announced that she would sit on an indefinite hunger strike unless DC Vishesh Sangal instructs the Police to file an FIR against Kulhad Pizza couple, and others.

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The Kulhad Pizza Couple leaked video controversy is far from over. When the noise and investigation into the infamous Kulhad Pizza couple leaked video was starting to settle, a woman named Vaneet Kaur on Thursday protested outside Jalandhar's DC office against the people who came out in support of Sehaj Arora & Gurpreet Kaur. Vaneet Kaur a few days back had protested on the busy streets of Jalandhar demanding an FIR against the Kulhad Pizza Couple- Sehaj Arora & Gurpreet Kaur over their leaked video. During that, Vaneet also slammed Baba Ankur Narula and Punjabi singer Ammy Virk for extending their support to Jalandhar's famous Kulhad Pizza couple. Not only this, she demanded an FIR against them as well. However, Vaneet was removed from the road by a team of Police and was asked to lodge her complaint in written format if she had any issues linked to the Kulhad Pizza couple viral video.

Now, on Thursday, Vaneet Kaur started her protest outside the DC Office in Jalandhar and announced that she will sit on an indefinite hunger strike unless DC Vishesh Sangal instructs the Police to file an FIR against Kulhad Pizza couple, Baba Ankur Narula and Punjabi singer Ammy Virk. Not only this, but Vaneet also stated that if something happens to her during her hunger strike then DC Vishesh Sangal will be responsible for it. The woman stated that in this regard she has also taken permission from DC Special Group. As per Vaneet Kaur, DC Special Group has given her permission to sit on hunger strike. But no orders were given to register FIR against Kulhar Pizza Couple, Baba Ankur Narula and Singer Ammy Virk.

Vaneet accused Baba Ankur Narula and said that he insults Christianity and talks about tearing the Bible and throwing it away. Vaneet reportedly had also protested outside the Kulhad Pizza couple's shop for four days. During her last protest, Vaneet said, "Everyone knows about this obscene couple (Sehaj & Gurpreet). Kulhad Pizza Couple's mother has given a statement that 70 percent of women do such acts with their husbands. Just listen what Gurpreet Kaur was saying in the leaked Kulhad Pizza Couple Video. Do 70 percent of women say those things to their husbands? I have been married for 15 years but I haven't done such kind of act. Baba Ankur Narula is sponsoring Kulhad Pizza Couple who once sent me to jail on fake charges."

Kulhad Pizza Couple Leaked Video Controversy

Jalandhar's famous Kulhad Pizza Couple's private video leaked on social media last month and it spread like wildfire on social media. As a result, Sehaj issued a statement saying that the Kulhad Pizza Couple video is totally fake and has been made using AI. However, netizens slammed the claims of Sehaj and stated that the Kulhad Pizza couple leaked a video In fact, a Jalandhar YouTuber named Karan Dutta slammed Sehaj and asked him to accept his mistake and apologize to people. In the meantime, Jalandhar Police took legal action and arrested two girls who were former employees of the couple. Sehaj revealed that he and his wife Gurpreet were blackmailed on Instagram in which the blackmailer had asked for Rs 20,000 or else their private video would be leaked online. Therefore, he approached the Police. Still, the video was leaked online and became the talking point on social media.

When the controversy intensified, Sehaj Arora took to his Instagram handle and issued a fresh statement saying that he is being politically pressurized to compromise the case which he has denied. Sehaj further requested his followers to extend their support as it is now the only way that he and his wife get justice from the Kulhad Pizza Couple Leaked Viral Video case. Sehaj in his statement further stated that he does not have the strength to give interviews and share his video statement as people have been giving 'fake' statements without knowing the facts. He further stated that he has all the evidence that proves he is innocent and therefore the Police are doing their investigation into the case. Sehaj finally urged the people to help them get justice as they didn't have any political support.