US President Joe Biden rejects India's vaccine plea, says ‘First obligation is to Americans’

First priority is to fulfill the demands and needs of American citizens, said President Joe Biden.

Everyone around the globe knows the situation of India due to increasing cases of coronavirus. India has reported the highest number of positive coronavirus cases in the world. Vaccination is the only way to save the country from the novel virus. But now the country is also facing a shortage of raw materials to manufacture the vaccine. 

During this difficult time, India has requested its 'close friend' America, but the American government turned its back and refused to help. On the other hand, America has opened its door to help China and Pakistan. 

The US denied India's request to lift the export ban on the raw materials needed to make Covid-19 vaccines. US Administration claimes that our first duty is to vaccinate all Americans. Reporting to the media, Spokesmen of the US Department said, "We are highly responsible for the citizens of America." 

The US department is focusing on vaccinating the citizens of America, replied when asked to send the raw material to India. The response came after the Serum Institute of India asked the USA to lift the ban over the export of raw material. But it is reported that America has additional doses that may not be used. 

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India's Foreign Minister S Jaishankar has held various meetings with his counterpart Anthony Blinken in order to request to ease the US export embargo. 

In past, India has helped America multiple times

Recently, last year India removed the export ban to send doses of hydroxychloroquine to the US. Last year, when coronavirus cases were increasing in America then the medicines were supplied from India to save the Americans from virus. Not only America but the medicines were also supplied to many other needful countries. 

Joe Biden praised the country, said India is America's true friend

After being elected as American's President Biden said that he will grow the bond of friendship with India and criticized Trump for saying India 'dirty'. Biden said that he will love to work with India in the shared global challenges. Biden also praised India when the country was delivering medicine to the whole world. 

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