Journalism & Mass Communication: The emerging career landscape of modern era

Modern India will be the era that will provide multiple media job options, ranging from those with interests in one sector to those who apply many skills.

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India's journalism system has undergone the most dramatic and significant changes in the last 2-3 decades. With the digital media explosion, the perception of journalism has changed to an extent and at a breakneck speed that has brought a combination of heavy pros and cons for all those wanting to make a career in this field. Considering that India is the land of unmonitorable people and their diversity in languages & cultures, Indian journalism has inevitably turned into the most multi-dimensional working field one can ever think of.


1.      Print media: Reporting in newspapers in India is the sole traditional medium that holds well in this community. The print media focusses on bringing in-depth news and investigative reporting. From politics to entertainment, print journalism remains a tough but rewarding career for people with an interest in writing and reporting the leading headlines of the day.


2.      Broadcast Journalism: These days, the broadcast news industry no longer needs a simple demand for news junkies to have real news coverage from live broadcasts to anchoring. They need people who can well handle 24-hour news channels and internet streaming. They want pro-active people who can be instant when an update comes up.


3.      Digital Journalism: Online journalism is taking a very important place in the digital era. You can find various sites updated frequently and meet people who share valuable news from social media. Digital journalists are especially good at creating banner headlines, especially for the fast modern audience which includes videos, podcasts, and interactive visuals.


4.      Investigative journalism: For persons, who desire to unveil the truth and keep influential organizations accountable, investigative journalism turns out as a great option for a career. Investigative journalists dig deeper into hidden actuating factors that may take them months, or even sometimes years, to complete a single report.


5.      Photojournalism: Visual media is a mighty device in journalism in all its spheres and photojournalists are the engineers as they produce a great deal of stunning pictures that precisely depict the dynamics of stories. They are responsible for capturing images that can tell the whole news through it.