Boz Markie, died on Friday evening. Although the cause of his death has not been revealed, he was diagnosed with diabetes in the year 2014 and hospitalized for the same. Biz Markie began his career in 1985.

He started off as a beatboxer from the Juice Crew. Within the period of three years, he started to release his original work. His debut album 'Goin' off, featured 'Vapors' and 'Pickin' boogers.' Biz started to make a mark when his song 'Just a friend' was released from the album 'The Biz Never Sleeps'.

This perticular song made it to all the popular charts and also attained a place on Rolling Stone's top 100 pop songs. VH1 also included the song in the list of 100 greatest hip-hop songs of all times.

American musician, Questlove revealed on social media that he had learned a lot from Biz Markie when he was new to the industry. He posted a picture of himself with Biz captioned " In my early early stages it was Biz taught me the REAL places to cop records.... Biz taught me what cities had good digging." 

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While Markie mostly had a stable career, he did face many ups and downs besides the initial struggle. In the year 1991 Markie was served with a copyright infringement case. He was alleged to have copied or adapted elements from Irish singer Gilbert O'Sullivan's song 'Alone Again(Naturally)'

Although his career was kickstarted with 'Just a Friend', he later went on to release 3 more top 10s including, 'What comes around goes around', to name a few. 

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