A heartbreaking and blood-boiling incident came to the fore after a woman decide to end her life after 8 years of continuous domestic violence.  A CCTV footage of domestic violence from New York has gone viral on social media and netizens are trending #JusticeForMandeep. 

The ongoing movement of 'Justice for Mandeep Kaur' has already been a hot topic for all and several Punjabi celebrities have shared their grief over the incident.

Many Punjabi celebrities expressed their sympathy and spoke out against domestic violence. They didn't simply express their sorrow; they also urged everyone to discuss it and move out of such situations, as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, Punjabi actress Neeru Bajwa took to her Instagram and shared a video of Mandeep Kaur. She wrote, "I don't have the heart to listen to this... but those two children need to be out of this man's custody... they need help. What is being done@nypd??? Thank you for tagging me. Let's all spread awareness. Get out before it's too late there are resources out there #mandeepkaur "

Singer Shipra Goyal also shared a video of Mandeep Kaur. She also appealed for Justice. In her post, she wrote, "Poor Mandeep Kaur kash e awaz pehla bahar ayi hundi! E kehdi society Ch reh rhe a appa, America warge desh ch sadi punjabi dhee Safe nahi ai. I am shattered and disheartened after seeing what this lady was going through just because she can't give them a Son? Kado Tak bina gall da kasoor kudiya nu bhugatna pauga? Kad tak? Mandeep v Jeena chahundi si apni dheeyan nu palna chahundi kash ohnu jee lain dinde."

Everyone is expressing their anger and Punjabi actress Sargun Mehta showing her anger in the incident wrote, "WALK OUT on the first signs of violence.. you don't need to take this. Even if your family dosnt support your decision of walking out call facilities around you or speak up on social media or to anyone who you feel can help."


Punjab singer and model, Himanshi Khurana said, "Divorce is better than a dead daughter #JusticeforMandeep" 

Mandeep Kaur, a resident of New York, died by suicide on 3 August, after repeated domestic abuse allegedly by her husband Ranjodhbeer Singh Sandhu for close to eight years.

Mandeep Kaur is survived by her two daughters, aged four and six, whose custody currently lies with Sandhu. While the husband and daughters are currently in Richmond Hill, New York, his family is reportedly from Uttar Pradesh's Bijnor. Notably, before the suicide, Mandeep had shared her video narrating the ordeal of domestic violence abuse she had been facing for the past 8 years. 

Reportedly, the New York Police Department is currently investigating the case and has registered a case homicide in place of suicide. 

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