Kairos Blast Video: Japan's first private-sector rocket explodes seconds after launch

Japan's private sector rocket Kairos exploded and went up in flames seconds after taking off at around 11 am on Wednesday, March 13, morning.

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In an unfortunate development, Japan's first-ever private sector rocket on Wednesday morning exploded moments after it was launched to carry out its mission. Japan's private sector rocket exploded and went up in flames seconds after taking off at around 11 am on Wednesday, March 13, morning. The name of the rocket was Kairos. Kairos was a lightweight rocket developed Japanese startup company named Space One Co and was backed by Canon Inc. The start-up thus failed to join a booming market for commercial launches after its space mission failed. Now, Kairos blast video is trending on X and people from all around the world are wondering what went wrong with the Japanese rocket. 


Japanese media quoted Space One. Space One in its statement said that a self-destruct order was sent shortly after launch. Following Kairos rocket explosion, Canon Electronics Inc shares nosedived by 13 percent immediately striking their lowest level in 13 years. The Kairos rocket was carrying a government satellite. For the unversed, Kairos is a Greek name which means "the right moment". Kairos was scheduled for launch on March 9 but operators were forced to postpone it after a vessel was found offshore. The launch had been delayed four times earlier as well before being finally launched on Wednesday.


Sharing Kairos explosion video, a user wrote, "JUST IN: Space One rocket in Japan explodes after takeoff during its “inaugural launch.” The Kairos rocket was attempting to make Space One the first Japanese company to put a satellite in orbit. The 59 ft, four-stage solid-fuel rocket was launched from the Kii peninsula in western Japan. The rocket remains fell into nearby mountains and into the sea."


Another user wrote, "I think they should call up Elon and ask him for a few pointers"


One more user wrote, "Competition makes things better so I hope Japan stays at it...Space exploration helps me chill from all the political nonsense so I hope more countries throw their hat into the ring...Space is our future."



"I wonder if 60minutes will run a hit piece on this like they did about Space𝕏 cause what is good for one…. Should be good for all, yes?"






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