Actress Kangana Ranaut is in support of the government's newly launched Agnipath Scheme'. She heaped immense praise on the government through the social media post she shared on Saturday. She said this reform is important for the youth addicted to PUBG and drugs.

The government should be praised for such initiatives as the 'Agnipath Scheme'

The 'Dhakad' actress said that in countries like Israel military training is mandatory. Every person should seek recruitment in the army for a few years to learn discipline, nationalism and what it means to defend our borders. Agnipath is more than about making a career, earning a wage or being employed.

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Kangana has always been a supporter of the BJP-led central government. She compared Agnipath to the traditional Gurukul system. In the earlier days, everyone used to go to Gurukul and 'Agnipath' is just like that. Although, where it differs is that you were not paid a salary for your time in Gurukul. Drugs and PUBG are crippling the younger generation and we should admire initiatives such as 'Agnipath'.

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