Kangana while retweeting Sonu Sood’s negative Covid report urges people to appreciate Indian made Vaccine

Be it Covid or no Covid Kangana Ranaut has always been extra vocal on her thoughts.

Be it Covid or no Covid Kangana Ranaut has always been extra vocal in her thoughts. From lashing out on Bollywood to speaking about the national issue she never shies away from keeping her thoughts low. Recently, she hopped onto Sonu Sood who recovered really fast from coronavirus and tested negative for the virus.

The queen actress very adamantly claims that Sonu recovered so fast because he has taken the first shot of vaccine and had further urged the actor to motivate others to go for the covid vaccine and save the country from the pandemic crisis. She urges the young people to take the first shot from May 1 as it will open for the all age groups.

Taking to her Twitter account Kangana retweets Sonu’s message where he informed the public about his negative report. She tweets, “sonu ji you had the first shot of the vaccine and I see because of that you recovered very fast maybe you want to appreciate India made the vaccine and its effects also encourage people to take the vaccine so that tons of it doesn’t get expired post 1st May like before”.

The government of India earlier declared that after May 1 youngsters from the age of 18 years would be considered eligible for the Covid 19 vaccine. Initially when Arjun Rampal announced his speedy recovery from the virus after taking the jab for the vaccine Kangana took his tweet as well and thanked the actor for sharing the good news. According to her these types of news will encourage more people to go for the vaccine. While retweeting Arjun’s tweet she wrote, “its important for news like this to come out, thank you @rampalarjun”.

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Meanwhile Kangana shared her parent’s photos while taking their second jab for the covid vaccine on her social media account. She also shared that she is herself waiting for her turn to come and take his shot of the vaccine. 

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