Kanpur Zoo keeps enclosed tiger on fast once a week for 24 hours, know the reason

Officials at Kanpur Zoo stated that the wildlife animals is not given food one day, i.e. 24 hours in a week at Kanpur Zoo.

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We all know about the vicious man-eating tigers that attack their prey to satisfy their hunger. Ever heard of tigers fasting one day a week? He goes a full day without eating or drinking anything. Most likely not, so allow us to share this unique story with you today to introduce you to that tiger.

Kanpur Zoo has the fasting tiger here. This zoo has many such wild animals, including tigers, bears, and cheetahs, which are the center of attraction for visitors. Many wild animals, including white tigers and tortoises, are coming here from Hyderabad in July. It is being claimed that after the arrival of these wild animals, the beauty of this place will increase further.

The main attraction of this zoo is the tigers. Visitors come from far and wide to see them. Crowds of visitors gather around the tiger enclosure throughout the day. The Kanpur Zoo administration says that this tiger does not eat or drink anything one day a week. He stays hungry for 24 hours. The tiger is fasting in a way.

As per the official’s statement at Kanpur Zoo, the wildlife is not given food one day in a week at Kanpur Zoo. The reason for not giving food to the wildlife one day is that their digestion is quite good. In the forest, the wildlife has a lot of space to roam, whereas in the zoo, they do not get enough space. Because of this, they are made to fast one day a week. This keeps their digestive system healthy. 

Experts say that carnivorous animals keep fast one day a week; these include lions, tigers, leopards, foxes, hyenas, jackals, and many other animals. He said that the zoo administration gives meat to these wild animals according to their health. The zoo administration does not give them meat to eat one day a week so that they remain healthy.