Team MzCare won the Convergence Innovation Competition sponsored by the Institute of People and Technology. The competition, open to all undergraduate and graduate students at Georgia Tech, brings forth entrepreneurship ideas in compliance with the IPaT’s diverse and the United States Sustainable Development Goals.  

Mannan Bhola, a student of MSc in Bioinformatics, and Tejas Bhuvania, a student of MSc in Computer Science comprise the winning team.  They devised a machine to detect Ovarian Cancer, along with diagnostic and metabolome profiling kits.  They have also come up with an idea for a non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace to exchange health data. They have envisioned a marketplace for the same through Ethereum blockchain technology to help pharmaceutical companies by a speedy collection of data from the screening kits.  The kit screens biomarkers for the early detection of Ovarian Cancer to curb it in time.

The team has secured its entry into the CREATE-X program which provides a flourishing platform to entrepreneurship goals and is a supporting platform to bring out creativity.

IPaT’s CIC supports and funds the research in the following key areas: life-long health and well-being; shaping of human technology frontier by advancing human capabilities; innovations and socio-technical systems to improve routine lives of communities.  CIC is supported by Verizon Wellness.

CREATE-X program endows students with indispensable skills and abilities to pursue their entrepreneurship goals by awarding them academic credit.

Team CSMwear was the runner-up for the 2021’s CIC competition. Team CSMwear designed a tool to measure the chest-surface heart vibrations to detect cognitive stress in dementia patients.  It included Sung Hoon (Josh) Lee, a doctoral student in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Nathan Zavanelli, a doctoral student in the Bioengineering program.  As a runner-up team, they received a direct entry into the third interview round of the CREATE-X program, skipping the previous two.

John Avery, Director of the Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC); Brandon Monteith, Director of Strategy and Finance for Tempus Ex; Burunda Prince, CEO for the Russell Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship; and Rahul Saxena, Interim Director for the Create-X program at Georgia Tech- were the judges for the final round this year. More than forty judges evaluated the whole competition. 

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