India is a country that is famous for hosting a lot of festivals filled with colors, brightness, happiness, and fervor! Of course, women and their dressing form an integral part of these celebrations! Mehendi is a very important part of Indian rituals – since ancient times. Mehendi designs are very popular amongst women during festivals. Considered auspicious in most Indian festivals, it makes women look pretty irrespective of religion. Also called Henna, Mehendi is an essential part of Indian attire. Be it any puja, wedding or Diwali - Mehendi is must, for women!

With the festival of Karva Chauth just round the corner, Mehendi designs have started trending too. Due to hectic schedules, many women are not able to put Mehendi by themselves at home. Also, some want their Mehendi to be flawless and perfect; hence they prefer to get the trendiest designs made by professional Mehendi artists.

Although, the lockdowns and curfews due to the pandemic, dampened our festive spirits last year! However, this year, with lots of precautions, we can enjoy the festivals with full happiness and enthusiasm.

In this article, we bring you few of the easiest and simple do-it-yourself, Mehendi designs for the upcoming festival season!

Easy to do – Mandala Mehendi Design

Mandala signifies a circular pattern in the center. So, in this mandala design, a big circle is made in the center of the palm, to begin with, and then small intricate Mehendi designs can be made around it. Depending on how gorgeous you want to make the mandala y9ou can add a bell or vines or simple geometrical patterns to it and enjoy the beautiful Mehendi on your hands. Make your Mehendi look richer with motifs, vines, small hearts, flowers and Kiari designs.

Single Flower Bell Mehendi Design

In this type of Mehendi design, you can make a big flower as the main part and complete it with a vine of leaves. The design looks very elegant and makes the hands look fuller and prettier. It is very easy to make and covers a considerable part of your palm.

Single Peacock Bell Mehendi Design

Peacocks and Mehendi go hand in hand! The peacock design is a very popular Mehendi design. You can couple it with a big single flower and decorate it with vines, leaves – giving your hands a lovely complete look. Since this design is not very wide, it covers almost the entire palm and takes very little time to apply.

Criss-Cross Mehendi Single Bell Design

If you are in a rush and want your Mehendi to look elegant and filling, you can use the criss-cross design which is simple, easy to do, and very less time-consuming. Not everyone can give an artistic finishing to their Mehendi. Not to worry! For such amateurs, beginners, and the ones who have very little time, criss-cross Mehendi is just the right design for you. It looks beautiful and can be accomplished very fast!


Side Mehendi Single Bell Design

This is a new very innovative Mehendi design, in which you can make a simple single bell on the corner of your palm instead of applying it on your full hand or diagonally. The best part is it can be coupled with other patterns also and applied to hands.

Arabic Mehendi

Arabic Mehendi is not as fine or intricate as Indian Mehendi. It looks best done in jet black, with a beautiful diagonal pattern of leafy motifs, vines, and small birds. Arabic Mehendi is for those who believe that minimalistic is the way to go!

Do-it-yourself Geometric Mehendi Designs

Symmetry is something we all love, and it's all the better when we can make simple geometric patterns and couple them with bells, vines, leafy motifs to create a balanced look. It looks mesmerizing and is a beauty to look at! 

Identical Hand-Mehendi With Different Kind of Motifs On Fingers!

A new trend in Mehendi designs, make checkered boxes and fill them with leafy motifs. Put some beautiful simple hearts, birds, elephant motifs, and lotus motifs around the grids to make the design stand out - on both hands! Use these motifs on the fingers to make it look prettier!

Personalized Karva Chauth Mehendi

Replicate or depict scenes from Karva Chauth or coupled portraits, or scenic portraits with your better half on both hands. The designs depicting different scenes from our rituals and traditions make an adorable, elegant Mehendi design! 

With these simple designs, which you can do yourself, enjoy Karvachauth with pretty hands! Mehendi is a very important part of many traditions and rituals – across different cultures! Whether a simple bell or beautiful motifs – make a design that matches your vibes and moods!

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