Kindness of strangers: Delivery drivers feels blessed, client lets her in after car accident

Can you let any stranger into your home during the pandemic? How can the couple let the delivery driver into their home? Read the story!

After the car of a delivery person, Chelsea Timmons, broke down after an accident, the buyers let her in and asked her to stay in their home. It comes at a time when the snowstorm hit Texas badly.

Timmons shares her experience on a Facebook post. She writes that on weekends she works as a delivery person. She was working in Austin delivering groceries this week.

Timmons mentions that she works to make some extra money to prepare for the Winter Storm. She writes that she was expected to return home around noon or more specifically before the snow.

For Timmons, things didn't go as planned. She said she accepted her last order at around 11 AM. However, the condition of road had become poor. She said it took her over an hour to pick up their order and deliver it at their doorstep.

Timmons further, in her Facebook explains her client's address who ordered delivery of groceries. She added that as the weather conditions were icy, she was very cautious. She tapped the brake of the car but it didn't work. After she tried multiple times, she got panicky and again slammed the brakes but she lost control and it rolled into the flowerbed of her clients.

Timmons writes, "I was safe, car was undamaged, their property was safe... but that tree was a goner!" After this incident, she unloaded the groceries and informed the buyers about the situation. She added, "We decided to call a tow truck and not risk damage to my car or their Home!"

Timmons called American Automobile Association  (AAA). Due to several conditions, AAA didn't come. Timmons thought of moving to a hotel but conditions worsened and the owners of the house offered her a stay. It was unexpected and kind of the owners to let her in, she thought.

Chelsea Timmons added, "These people let a complete STRANGER stay the night! Not only that but cooked me a STEAK DINNER! definitely not how I imagined my Valentine’s Day!"

Timmons added that it is day 5 of her stay at their home. Surprising, isn't it? She said, "every morning, when I suggested leaving to a hotel.. “could you make it there safely?” “What would you eat?” “What if they lose power” “isn’t the guest room better than the Hampton Inn?"

She felt blessed to have found a place to stay at a time when she needed it the most. She felt blessed that they let a delivery driver into their home amidst the pandemic. She also feels blessed that she stayed at their home.

Timmons ended her post on Facebook by mentioning, "God truly #Anchored me during this storm and sent me amazing Guardian Angels.

Looks like one more night here. Tomorrow’s weather will be warm and I can make it back home. I can’t believe everything that has happened. Beyond grateful that I have been able find comfort with strangers during this unprecedented Winter Storm."

You can read full story in her voice by clicking here


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