Know how India exposed Pakistan on Dawood Ibrahim at UN

Week after Pakistan deliberately lied at the United Nations and said that Dawood Ibrahim was not there, New Delhi on Tuesday

New Delhi:  Week after Pakistan deliberately lied at the United Nations and said that Dawood Ibrahim was not there, New Delhi on Tuesday unmasked Islamabad and urged the global powers to launch a unified campaign to destroy the Mumbai Underworld don and his D-Company.

Without taking Pakistan’s name, India hit out at Dawood Ibrahim and the ‘safe haven’ from which he was operating his illegal syndicate. India also stressed that Dawood Ibrahim was no longer a criminal. New Delhi said that Dawood Ibrahim has ‘mutated’ into a terror kingpin.

India's Permanent Representative to the UN Ambassador Syed Akbaruddin on Tuesday said, “Terrorism and organized crime are both wicked organisms drawing nutrition from the same bog. D-Company’s illegitimate economic activities from a safe haven that declines to acknowledge his existence are a real and present danger.”

“The activities of ISIL, Al Shabab and Boko Haram, such as extortion, human trafficking, resource extraction, trade in cultural artifacts, illicit taxation in areas they control, manifest in myriad ways the process of blurring of lines at the intersections between crime and terror. In our own region, we have seen the mutation of Dawood Ibrahim’s criminal syndicate into a terrorist network known as the D-Company,” Akbaruddin said.

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“The D-Company’s illegitimate economic activities may be little known outside our region, but for us, such activities as gold smuggling, counterfeit currency, as well as arms and drug trafficking from a safe haven that declines to acknowledge even his existence, are a real and present danger,” he added.

Calling out for a global effort to wipe out D-Company, Akbaruddin said that, “the success of collective action to denude ISIL is a pointer that the Council’s focussed attention can and does yield results. A similar degree of interest in addressing the threats posed by proscribed individuals, such as Dawood Ibrahim and his D-Company, as well as proscribed entities, including the Jaish-e-Mohammad and Lashkar-e-Toiba, listed as affiliates of Al-Qaeda, under the 1267 sanctions regime, will serve all of us well.”

Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar, India’s most wanted terrorist, is in Pakistan, the US government recently told a London court. The US government’s confirmation exposes Pakistan’s blatant lie. The US government told the British Court that the Underworld don’s empire is based out from Karachi. The US government’s official statement was made during the hearing of Dawood’s top aide Jabir Moti’s extradition trial at a court in London. Jabir Moti, 51, who was arrested by Scotland Yard last year, appeared before the Westminster Magistrates' Court in London at the start of his trial on Monday. He faces extradition to the US after an FBI probe charged him with money laundering, extortion, and conspiracy to import unlawful substances such as heroin.

Right after 1993 serial blasts, Pakistan has been consistently denying Dawood’s presence on its soil. Dawood Ibrahim, who jumped bail and escaped to Dubai, is still wanted by the DRI under the COFEPOSA case.

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