Know who is this laborer's son challenging CM Channi

While the Congress has fielded Punjab Chief Minister Charanjit Singh Channi from Halka Bhadaur for the assembly elections, the Aam Aadmi Party has fielded Labh Singh Ugoke, the son of a laborer. While the Akali Dal has given the soft-spoken Advocate Satnam Singh Rahi a chance to prove himself.

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However, in Halka Bhadaud, the laborer's son, Labh Singh Ugoke of the AAP, is seen overtaking both of them, prompting Labh Singh to be linked to the people at the grassroots level. In his electoral campaign, Charanjit Singh Channi has been ineffective. In the outcome of the 10th, the son of a laborer may defeat the Chief Minister of Punjab.

Chief Minister Channi, on the other hand, is a wealthy contender. Labh Singh will live his life like a commoner in comparison to him.
When asked about his life, Labh Singh said he learned how to be a plumber through this job. He used to spend his life in the village, and after learning the trade of mobile repair, he founded a business in the hamlet, which he closed once he became involved in politics.

Labh Singh told that he has joined politics in 2013 by joining the Aam Aadmi Party and in 2017 he was a strong contender for this sport, but this ticket was given by the party to Amar Singh Dhaula in place of Labh Singh. After some time joined Sukhpal Khaira in the Congress party under the leadership of Captain Amarinder Singh about 6 months ago, after which Labh Singh was made in charge of the region, and also declared a candidate.

One of the biggest factors in favor of Labh Singh is that the youth is inclined towards Labh Singh and the Aam Aadmi Party, due to which a large number of youngsters participate in their every program. Even in the roadshow held in the region yesterday, a large number of motorcycles, cars, and tractors by the youth had participated in this roadshow by spending money from their pockets, whose effect was seen in the people. 
Charanjit Singh Channi left the roadshow in the middle. After which, many conversations and rumors started after that.

It will be known on 10th March who will win from the region but one clear thing is that people want change and betterment.