Know why Iran is in a hope that India will act accordingly in its national interest on oil imports

There is a possibility of barter mechanism for trading oil with India seeking a way out of the US sanctions

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Iran on July 2 stated that it believes India to act in its national interest through the oil import issues and Tehran can be a protector for India energy security.

And on the occasion, Iran Ambassador to India Ali Chegeni said that Iran is ready to provide “affordability, accessibility and security” of energy to India.

This has come up after the visit of US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to India. He assured India that America is “doing everything” to import crude oil to New Delhi after sanctions on Iran. He also said that India made “hard choices” to withdraw the oil imports from India.

Subjecting S Jaishankar remarks in a press interaction with Pompeo said that “If Mr. Jaishankar said affordability, accessibility, and security of energy. Iran is the only country that can provide all these aspects of energy for India.”

“We expect from a friend… that we understand each other, follow our national interest and Iran is ready for being the protector of energy security of India,”

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“India is a friend forever. We understand that India will act according to its national interest. That is acceptable for everybody,"

“We think India is under pressure, but we believe India is a friend of Iran. India relations with other countries do not affect us. Our relations with India are based on history, it is based on long-term mutual benefit and interest” he said.

The exemptions to buy oil from Iran were only up to 6 months which ended in May. India made it very clear that it will deal with the issue based on three factors: the country energy security, commercial consideration, and economic interests.

 If the countries did not cut the oil imports from the Gulf nations to “Zero” the countries will have face sanctions.