Did you know Zomato's Founder is from Punjab? All about Shark Tank India S3 judge Deepinder Goyal

The Shark Tank India Season 3 judge & investor Deepinder Goyal is the founder & CEO of Zomato and Blinkit

Did you Zomato's Founder is from Punjab? All about Shark Tank India S3 judge Deepinder Goyal -

Shark Tank India Season 3 kickstarted on January 22, 2024, with previous investors like Aman Gupta, Anupam Mittal, Vineeta Singh, Namita Thapar & Peyush Bansal returning to the show. Apart from its previous season judges, Zomato Founder Deepinder Goyal also appeared in episode 2 of the entrepreneurial show and donned Shark's hat in the show. Ever since Shark Tank India Season 3 Episode 2 aired, fans on social media went gaga after watching Deepinder Goyal and his keen observation skills when he pointed out minor mistakes in an entrepreneur's business advertising posters. However, what impressed everyone was Deepinder Goyal's life story and his connection with Punjab. Below is everything you need to know about Deepinder Goyal's Punjab connection- 


Who is Deepinder Goyal?


Deepinder Goyal is the founder & CEO of Zomato and Blinkit. In a montage prepared by Sony's show Shark Tank India Season 3, Deepinder Goyal revealed that it 6 years to make the online food delivery company- Zomato. Deepinder Goyal stated that he is from Muktsar, Punjab and he did his schooling at Little Flower Convent School in Muktsar. "I am from Muktsar, a small town in Punjab. My dad used to teach at a school and my mom also used to teach in a College. Whenever I mistakenly dropped the spoon during a family dinner. He used to tell me that if you cannot even do this thing properly then what will you do in life?" said Deepinder Goyal. 


Deepinder's Childhood friend Mayank Mathur revealed that the Zomato Founder's focus was to crack the IIT. When he was in thrid or fourth year of his college, Deepinder Goyal decided that he wanted to set up something in the country. "I did not start Zomato thinking it will be such big company. All of this has been an accident. I only thought I had to do less work if I didn't do the job but that did not turn out to be true. At first, I made Zomato alone by myself. Thereafter, I found people. Right now, Zomato, blinkit, hyperpure, and Feeding India have about 8000 people. We also have the privilege of working with so many riders and delivery partners. My biggest value is focusing on the customers. Making our customers happy is our job. A business has to fit into a customer's life."


Talking about Zomato's current market valuation, the online food delivery company is $14.03 Billion. This makes Zomato the world's 1199th most valuable company by market cap as per 'Companies Market Cap'. 

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