Kota Factory Season 3 True Story: Who is real-life Jeetu Bhaiya played by Jitendra Kumar?

Kota Factory is loosely inspired by the true story of the coaching culture of the Rajasthani city and the rivalry between reputed coaching classes.

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Kota Factory Season 3 Trailer was released on Tuesday and in no time it became the talk of the town especially among IIT-JEE aspirants. Kota Factory S3 will be released on Netflix on June 20, 2024. Directed by Pratish Mehta, Kota Factory Season 3 features actors like Jitendra Kumar, Ahsaas Channa, Alam Khan, Ranjan Raj, Revathi Pillai, Urvi Singh, and more in the leading roles. Actor Jitendra Kumar is currently riding the horse of success ever since Panchayat Season 3 was released. Jitendra Kumar's character of Jeetu Bhaiya a teacher teaching IIT-JEE aspirants on Kota is quite loved by fans. Now, the question arises whether Kota Factory Season 3 is a true story or not. Another question is whether Jeetu Bhaiya's character is real or not. Below is all about Kota Factory Season 3 True Story- 

Is Kota Factory Season 3 a true story?

The answer is yes and no at the same time. Kota Factory is loosely inspired by the true story of the coaching culture of the Rajasthani city- Kota. Students who have studied in Kota often compare Maheshwari Classes in Kota Factory to none other than 'real' Allen Classes. On the other hand, Agrawal Classes shown in Kota Factory is compared to none other than Bansal Classes.

Who is real-life Jeetu Bhaiya?

As mentioned above Jeetu Bhaiya is played by actor Jitendra Kumar. Jeetu Bhaiya's character is widely adored by fans who watched the Kota Factory series. Interestingly, actor Jitendra Kumar confirmed that his character is based on real life. During one of his interviews, Jitendra Kumar said, "I have studied from multiple teachers in Kota. Therefore, there were multiple imaginations in my head. The script was written in a fun and charming way. Therefore, I started watching videos of multiple teachers so that I could find out who fit the script. During that time, I watched NV Sir's clip. Therefore it was our decision that we have to pick up some nuances of NV Sir."   

Who is NV Sir?

As per motion's official website, Nitin Viijay, renowned by the name of NV Sir is the Founder & CEO of Motion Education Pvt. Ltd. Passionate about teaching, he is known for infusing the best pedagogy teaching methods for students preparing for IIT and JEE exams.

NV Sir developed the passion for teaching during his graduation days at IIT-BHU. He started teaching right from the first-year in college where he enjoyed teaching the students and eventually developed an inclination for it. Realizing his passion for teaching at the time of campus placement, he declined the lucrative job offers and returned to Kota to fulfil his dream of providing quality education to NEET and JEE aspirants to help them excel in the competitive exams. Continuing his journey in Kota, after teaching for a short period in one of the leading institutes in Kota, he moved on to start his own institute with Motion Education in the year 2007.

NV Sir completed B.Tech in Ceramic Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology (Banaras Hindu University), Varanasi in the year 2007.

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