The protesting Muslim girl students of the Government Girls Pre-University College here, who attended their Class wearing 'hijab' thereby defying the Karnataka government order, were sent out of the respective Classrooms on Tuesday.

The entry to media has been prohibited in the premises of the college and security has been beefed in the campus to avoid any untoward incident.

The government recently issued an order to maintain the status quo in the college until the high-level committee submitted a report on allowing hijab along with uniform.

Incidentally, February 1 is celebrated as World Hijab Day. Aliya Assadi, one of the protesting students, said on her social media platform that the protesting girls will come to the college wearing hijab, which is their religious and constitutional right. "The college is being run on the tax money that we gave to the government. There is no necessity for anyone's interference. Our judicious fight can't be sidelined by threats."

BJP MLA Raghupathy Bhat had earlier stated that the police have been informed about the matter and no outer persons, including those from the Muslim as well as Hindu organisations will be allowed into the campus as the hijab row has put the academic career of the 1,000 students studying in the college at stake. The students have to be ready for examinations, which are going to be held in another two months.

He further stated after holding a meeting that the students, who are protesting for wearing hijab in Classrooms, are being told to come to the college campus only if they decide to shun hijab. "Otherwise, we have clearly told them not to come to the college and spoil the academic environment," he said. On the other hand the students have moved a petition in the High Court seeking relief in this regard.

"We have told them clearly to come to the college only if they have decided to come to class without a hijab. They can't come to the premises of the college and spoil the college academic environment. We have also informed the police regarding the entry of media and other organisations into the campus," he stated.

"In another 2 months exams are nearing. Parents are complaining that every day, international media is coming, various Muslim organisations and Hindu organisations are visiting. There will be no entry to the college from Tuesday. They can submit the memorandum to the Deputy Commissioner," he said.

One among the protesting students moved the state High Court seeking relief. Resham Farooq, the student has said the 'wearing of hijab as a fundamental right under Articles 14 and 25 of the Indian constitution'. The student has sought interim order from the High Court regarding students attending classes wearing hijab.

Source : IANS

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