'Lack of leadership from Sundar Pichai': Veteran Google employee resigns, slams CEO over work culture

Google's ex-employee Ian Hickson expressed dissatisfaction with the current work culture and CEO Sundar Pichai's leadership style.

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Google is known as the top workspace. The company has faced criticism from former employee Ian Hickson who quit recently. He was a part of the company for 18 whole years until he decided to quit. The former employee has shown disappointment with the company's system without fear. The ex-employee expressed dissatisfaction with the current work culture and CEO Sundar Pichai's leadership style.



Long-time Google employee made a statement, expressing dissatisfaction with the company's changing culture and CEO Sundar Pichai's leadership.


“Today, I don't know anyone at Google who could explain what the company's vision is. Morales is at an all-time low. If you talk to therapists in the (San Francisco) bay area, they will tell you all their Google clients are unhappy with it,” he wrote.


Hickson continued: “Much of these problems today stem from a lack of visionary leadership from Sundar Pichai and his clear lack of interest in maintaining the norms of early Google.”


In a post, ex-employee Ian discussed Google's early days, emphasizing its initial commitment to users and society. However, over the years, he observed a shift towards prioritizing profits over user interests, diminishing transparency, and a leadership detachment under Pichai. He was figuring out major changes in the working styles of the company until he decided not to be a part of such an organization.


The Employee strongly criticized the way the company managed layoffs, especially earlier this year, calling it a crucial moment. He labeled the layoffs a mistake driven by a short-term focus on quarterly earnings. According to him, this negatively affected Google's culture, creating distrust and fear among employees and management. Many former employees shared their sudden layoff experiences on social media, leading hundreds to write a letter to Pichai, demanding better handling of the situation.



In spite of the criticism, the ex-Google Ian recognized the existence of numerous talented and passionate individuals working within the company. He believed that, if given the chance, these individuals could make a significant difference. Concluding on a hopeful note, he expressed a desire for Google to establish an environment where these capable individuals could thrive, enabling the company to realize its potential for a positive impact on the world.