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Study shows that 70% of people who die by suicide talks about taking their life two weeks prior to the suicide, Know more about Depression & Suicide by Psychiatrist Himanshu Sareen

Mental health matters and it took us a Pandemic to realise this. It is very important that we discuss about mental health and take it seriously. True Scoop runs a show named DocOnCall where we talk to different doctors on different issues.

“What mental health needs is more sunlight, more candor, and more unashamed conversation.” Glenn Close

Mental Health is important and keeping that in mind, True Scoop runs a show named ''DocOnCall'' in which we talk to different doctors on various health issues. Also, trying to remove the stigma of Mental Health. In conversation with Psychiatrist Dr. Himanshu Sareen, We talked about depression and how can it be cured? 

Dr. Himanshu reveals that lack of exposure to sunlight can also lead to depression. He further says that more people are likely to be depressed once this year ends. Depression can affect people from all walks of life but it mainly effects the ones who are suffering from Poverty,Unemployment or if they are going from different phase of life. People suffering from chronic illness like a Brain stroke,Asthma etc are more likely to get depressed. 

Talking more about depression and the warning signs given by a depressed person, Dr. Himanshu has a lot to tell. Have a look at the Exclusive Interview on Depression with Dr. Himanshu Sareen.

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