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The last solar eclipse of the year is going to take place on 4th December, Saturday. Solar and lunar eclipses are considered very inauspicious events in astrology. The last lunar eclipse of the year was on 19th November and 15 days after that the last solar eclipse of the year is taking place. According to NASA, some people in the Southern Hemisphere will get a chance to experience a total or partial eclipse of the Sun on December 4.


What happens during Solar Eclipse:


A solar eclipse occurs when a portion of the Earth is engulfed in a shadow cast by the Moon which fully or partially blocks sunlight. This occurs when the Sun, Moon and Earth are aligned. Such alignment coincides with a new moon indicating the Moon is closest to the ecliptic plane. In a total eclipse, the disk of the Sun is fully obscured by the Moon. In partial and annular eclipses, only part of the Sun is obscured.


Solar Eclipse timings:


The solar eclipse will start on December 4 at 10:59 in the morning, which will end at 03:07 in the afternoon.


Places from where Solar Eclipse will be visible:


It will be visible in Antarctica, South Africa, Australia, and South America. Since the eclipse will not be visible from India, so the Sutak period will not be considered here. Sutak period 12 hours before and 12 hours after the eclipse is called Sutak period.


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The last solar eclipse of the year is happening in Scorpio. During this time, the people of Scorpio zodiac need to take special precautions. The first solar eclipse of the year 2022 will take place on 30 April. This will be a partial eclipse, the effect of which will be seen in South-West America, Pacific Atlantic and Antarctica.



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