Lawrence Bishnoi Gang’s shooter burnt alive with hands & feet tied in Haryana; THIS gang took responsibility

A shooter affiliated with the Lawrence gang was found executed by a rival gang who took the credit on a Facebook post

Davinder Bambiha, Lawrence Bishnoi shooter Executed, Haryana Murder, Ladwa Kurukshetra -

A shooter affiliated Lawrence Bishnoi’s gang was mercilessly executed as a statement by the Bambiha Group, who took responsibility for the murder via a facebook post. The shooter identified as Rajan was murdered in Yamunanagar, Haryana. Rajan's hands and feet were tied and he was burnt alive. Rajan's body was found severely burnt on the banks of western Yamuna. The post made by Davinder Bambiha group taking responsibility for the murder is now going viral.



It is written in the Facebook post that Rajan Ladwa of Kurukshetra was murdered that night by Lucky Patial and Arsh Dalla. Rajan had murdered Laxman Dewasi Sanchore on the orders of Lawrence and Vishnu. This fugitive was running when he was picked up from Tihar and shot near Yamunanagar. The investigation so far has revealed that Rajan's hands and feet were first tied and then he was shot. After that he was set alight and then thrown near the canal.


According to reports, Rajan was a resident of Ladwa town in Kurukshetra, Haryana. After receiving information about the murder, police officers promptly arrived to secure the scene. Rajan's body was found badly burnt and his hands feet tied together. Forensic team was called on the spot. Later his body was taken into custody and sent to the hospital.


Initial investigation by the police revealed that cases have already been registered against Rajan in many districts of Haryana. He was wanted in Panchkula, Bahadurgarh, Yamunanagar and Rajasthan. Althought Arsh Dalla took responsibility for the murder in the online post, the police say that whoever performed the execution is currently unknown and investigation is underway.