Lip-service patriotism of rich Indians exposed as they hire private jets to flee abroad as Covid situation worsens

Patriotism and love for one’s motherland seems to be wasted on the well-off sections of the Indian society. The nation that nurtured these individuals is now finding itself out of favour among the wealthy because a worldwide phenomenon – a pandemic – Covid 19 is breaking the back of the Indian health system, both public and private.

India is one of those nations in the world which is facing the wrath of the pandemic Corona and has been unable to control the second wave of the virus with any degree of success.

The Indians know the dismal state of affairs the nation’s hospitals are presenting to the patients and their families – out of beds, dangerously low oxygen supply.

Further, the scarcity of vaccines is leading to almost an in-fighting among the states in attempts to secure the maximum supplies for their state.

Now, in this scenario, when the chips are down and India is facing an enemy with whom the nation appears to be on the losing side for the time being, what do the super-rich do?

They abandon their country.

Many nations which have been able to control the pandemic have initiated restrictions for travellers from India. These nations include Canada, Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates, and England.

This particular action has increased the appeal of these locations for the affluent to make beeline out of India.

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These people are using private jets to arrange their travel.

Bollywood movie actors were all in the news for their vacations in Maldives.

Further, London and Dubai saw an unusually high surge of passengers from India just before the ban on travellers from India was announced, claims Mehra, former head of Indian operations at Qatar Airways.

At the time of writing, a New Delhi to Dubai flight costs around $20,000 .Private-jet operators also charge the return leg to the customer if the plane returns empty.

Not only private jets, but also air travel tickets have seen an unprecedented increase in their prices. Mehra informed that economy-class one-way ticket is now ten times the usual price going for about $1,300.

Follow the money. If the prices are so high then this means so is the demand. This confirms the desperation the wealthy have to bide their time in the loving embrace of a nation with a much better handle on the pandemic situation while their motherland puts on an offense as best as she can to Covid.

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