Liquor prices to increase in Punjab after March 31; Know by how much

Under Punjab’s new excise policy, liquor prices are likely to go up in the upcoming fiscal year i.e. after March 31

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Under Punjab’s new excise policy, liquor prices are likely to go up in the upcoming fiscal year i.e.  after March 31. As per sources, a bottle of whisky is likely to see an increase in price by Rs. 100-150 while beer is likely to increase by about Rs. 50. The prices of liquor are set to increase by up to 15%.


Under the new excise policy for the financial year 2024-25, the department had decided to conduct draw of contracts through slip system and time was given till March 17 to apply for it. In the departmental office, 300 applications were received for 21 groups of Jalandhar district, but the data received through the banking system has surprised everyone because the number of people applying for 21 groups has reached 835.


Deputy Commissioner Excise Paramjeet Singh said that the auction will be conducted at Red Cross Bhawan on March 22. Along with this, only Rs 6.26 crore has been earned through the slip system alone. The cost per application form was kept at Rs. 75000, which is a non-refundable amount. According to this, the department has earned Rs 6.26 crore from 21 groups of Jalandhar. Talking about the draw, the department said there was an option to apply through SBI And P.N.B and the file could also be submitted directly to the Excise Department office.


The department received 300 applications in the office for 21 groups of Jalandhar, whereas through the banking system this astonishing figure has reached 835, due to which even the applicants seem surprised and this figure has surprised even the officials. More importantly, it has come to light that contractors from Delhi have entered the draw system of Jalandhar contracts. Seeing the names of contractors who came from Delhi among the applicants, it seems that there will be huge earning in liquor work in Jalandhar. Therefore, the Delhi contractor has applied for a group of contracts in Jalandhar.


Apart from Delhi, contractors from Mohali, Hoshiarpur, Amritsar and Ferozepur have shown interest in Jalandhar groups. Along with this, this time the prices of liquor will increase by up to 15 rupees, while the prices of beer may come down. If we talk about the applications for groups of contracts, there will be 296 contracts in 14 groups under Jalandhar city (Corporation limits) and the department will earn Rs 526.52 crore from these groups. With this, there will be 344 contracts in 7 rural groups, while revenue of Rs 269.33 crore will be collected from it. There will be a total of 640 contracts in Jalandhar and the department will earn Rs 795.85 crore from Jalandhar district.