Mobile Wing Amritsar, Department of Excise and Taxation, has seized a truck full of 1150 boxes of liquor being smuggled in Gurdaspur region.

In this action, the proceedings were manifested according to the plan made by BK Virdi, Joint Director(Investigation), Mobile Wing, Jalandhar range and Assistant Commissioner Pramod Singh Parmar.

According to sources, Mr Virdi and Mr. Parmar recieved an input of a truck carrying a large heavy amount of liquor being smuggled from Chandigarh to Gurdaspur region. The smugglers had been reported to be active in last few days in the mentioned region.

Taking an appropriate action, 3 teams including the above mentioned officers and soldiers had planned to seize the truck and put a blockade on all the important roads that enter the Gurdaspur region.

The seized liquor was of the brand 'Old Fox' which was manufactured in a distillery of Chandigarh.

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