Riding on the horse of success, Kangana Ranaut's reality show Lock Upp is yet again in the spotlight. Reality TV start and wildcard contestant Prince Narula lost his calm when contestant Azma Fallah made personal remarks on the former Big Boss winner. Prince Narula who entered the show Lock Upp as a challenger got into a nasty fight with Azma Fallah after he delegated household work to her and she told him she will do it at her convenience. In fact, Prince Narula Nora Fatehi became the topic of the quarrel in the show when Azma made a personal remark. 

In the new clip shared by AltBalaji,  Azma Fallah is seen making a comment about Prince's equation with Nora Fatehi. Prince and Nora appeared together in Salman Khan's reality show, Bigg Boss season 9. In fact, Prince Narula met Yuvika Choudhary on the sets of Big Boss 9. In the nasty fight Azma says, "Prince Narula ko Nora Fatehi ne bhav nahi diya." To this, Prince replied, "Beta agar ab tu dobara personal gayi na, bahut bura hoga agar tu dobara personal gayi. I am a married man. Shut up."

Not only this, Azma also took a dig at Prince Narula on his ouster from the reality show Roadies. Even after the end of the task, Prince and Azma continued to quarrel. Azma asked Prine and said, "Why was he kicked out of hosting, Prince again retaliated and said, "Kisi bhi aap pe jaake dusre logon ka divorce karan ye toh tumhara kaam hai." He got applauded and cheered by Anjali, Munawar and Zeeshan.

Watch: Azma Fallah personal remark on Nora Fatehi-Prince Narula bond

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