In the Lock-Upp, there is a competition between Dhakad actress Kangana Ranaut and Payal Rohatgi. Payal Rohatgi has been replying to Kangana Ranaut since the beginning of the show. 

Now in the latest episode, Payal was once again seen accusing Kangana Ranaut and the makers of the show. 

Payal Rohatgi gets angry at Kangana Ranaut During an episode of the show, Payal was seen lashing out at the Lock-Upp queen Kangana Ranaut and the makers in front of the camera. 

Payal looked into the camera and said – Kangana, you cannot silence me. Kaaranvir Bohra has done Naagin's show with Ekta Kapoor, right? OK, now I get it. Payal further said – what should I do? I'll try To make everyone feel comfortable, I have tried going outside my comfort. I can't ruin my mental balance for my team. I would not like it if anyone would come, hit the bell and ring it.

Payal Rohatgi did not stop here. Looking at the camera, she further said- I have not come here to fight with you, Kangana, but I will defend myself. 

Kangana Ranaut - Kaaranvir Bohra

Recently, TV actor Kaaranvir Bohra made such a disclosure related to himself in the show that everyone was surprised to know. 

Due to this revelation, Kaaranvir has also remained in such discussions for the past several days. 

This revelation of Kaaranvir also caught the attention of the host of the show, Kangana. In the weekend episode, Kangana was seen explaining this to Karan. The actress explained that Karan is going on speaking in rhetoric, so he will have to repent later. 

While saying her point, Kangana first praised Karan for the courage that he is revealing so many dark secrets of his life in this show. But also warned that he may regret in future doing so. 

Kangana said, 'The way you are being told your secrets, you will regret it. This was a secret of yours. You are going on speaking in rhetoric. You will regret'. 

What was Kaaranvir's Secret In the show, Kaaranvir has revealed that at this time he is deeply in debt, the actor also told that there have been 3-4 cases against him. The actor had told, 'I am in the worst debt of my life. 

Means I have been washed away, the same head is not even out of mine. There have been 3-4 cases against me because I could not repay the loan. 

Whatever work I am doing since 2015 is just to pay off my debt. I feel very bad for myself and my family for what I am giving them. Had someone else been in my place, I would have committed suicide. For me, this show is live right now.

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