Now and then we hear a girl getting raped or molested. Today, another heinous incident took place in Ludhiana, Punjab. A minor girl was raped by a young boy in a hotel situated near a bus stand.

The accused and the victim became friends through a very popular social media handle, Instagram. The accused tricked the girl and took her to the hotel and committed this crime.

After a while, he started blackmailing the victim and demanded money from her. He used to come to her house when she was alone and used to steal money from the safe of her house.

Gradually, the family became suspicious as a lot of money went missing from their residence. This matter belongs to the Police Station of Darasi. The investigation did not result in anything.

But a lot was revealed from the CCTV

The footage raised the curtain from the truth. It revealed how the accused stole all the money and ran away. When the family questioned the girl and after hearing the truth, the family was left stunned.

According to the victim, the accused named Krishna started following her on Instagram and also would message her. He asked her to meet him and forced her to make physical relations with him.

The accused blackmailed the girl to reveal everything if she fails to pay the money to him. Now, the concerned Police Station has registered a case against Krishna under different sections.

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