A heart-wrenching incident has come to the fore which shows how humanity is somewhere ending in the country. We get to hear cases of rape almost every day which is itself heinous but the recent incident that has surfaced today has made every reader lose their trust in humanity.

The incident reported is from Khanna village of Ludhiana where a father has been charged for raping his daughters under the influence of alcohol. Both the girls have accused their father of sexually assaulting them.

As soon as the complaint was lodged, the Khanna police came to action and investigated the same. The victims are of the age 10 and 15 years respectively who used to live with their father. The victims claimed that their father was an alcoholic and had been raping both of them for a long time in intoxication. They further added that they have also been the victim of domestic violence as the accused used to beat them when they used to protest against sexual assault.

After all this, the victims decided to narrate the whole incident to a woman living in their neighborhood to seek her help in this regard. Post this, the complaint was registered to SSP and police reached the spot to record the statements of both the victims. The whole investigation has now been conducted and the accused father has been taken into custody by the police. Currently, the girls have been sent for medical treatment.

Giving an insight into the case, SSP Dayama Harish Kumar stated, “the accused father has been taken into custody.” Reportedly the mother of these minor sisters has been in jail for a long time.

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