Salman Khan’s rumoured girlfriend Lulia Vantur wants to step out of Salman Khan’s shadow. She prefers not to be associated with Salman Khan rather wanted to be known by her own name.

During an interview with Times of India, Lulia Vantur opened up about the pros and cons of being linked with Salman Khan. She said, “It is an honour, blessing and joy to work with Salman. He is such a great person first of all and a great actor and experienced in the field. When you are around him, you learn so much. I feel for me, at the moment, I wanted to work on my own identity. I am working on that, especially because people don't know me so well here and I think it is important to do that.”

"You have to put in the extra effort. Of course, it comes with advantages and disadvantages. The visibility is there, and it helps a lot. And as I said, his input, his experience helps a lot, but in the end, you have to put extra, extra effort to make a mark of your own for people to know you for your work and as Iulia, and not as someone who is associated with another person,” she added.

Iulia Vantur's personal life has always been a topic of the press, especially for her relationships with Marius Moga and Salman Khan.

Talking about her work, in 2014, Iulia Vântur starred in the Indian film O Teri song Umbakkum, a film produced by Atni Agnihotri, starring the beloved Bollywood actors Pulkit Samrat and Sarah Jane Dias, directed by Umesh Bhisht, a film released in India in March 2014. She was last seen in a song with Guru Randhawa.

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