Maharaj trailer released one day after Junaid Khan's debut movie's 'silent' release; Here's why

Maharaj was released on Netflix without much promotion by actor Aamir Khan's son Junaid Khan due to its sensitive storyline.

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It is often seen that the trailer of any web series or movie gets released first and then the movie gets released. However, Yash Raj Films & Netflix pulled out an opposite act as Maharaj movie was released on Netflix on June 22, 2024, and just one day after its release, the makers released Maharaj's trailer. Notably, Maharaj was released on Netflix without much promotion by actor Aamir Khan's son Junaid Khan. Now, the question is why the makers released Maharaj's movie on Netflix in a hush-hush manner. The answer is legal trouble.

Maharaj was released on Netflix on June 22, 2024. Earlier, Maharaj was slated to be released on June 14, 2024, however, the Gujarat High Court had put a stay on the movie citing reason that it may harm Hindus religious sentiments. However, on Friday, the Gujarat High Court lifted its temporary stay on the release of the film holding that the film Maharaj was based on events that to the 1862 Maharaj Libel Case and was not targeted on hurting the sentiments of any community.

Therefore, Maharaj's movie was released first on Netflix and then the makers dropped the trailer of Junaid Khan's debut movie. 

Maharaj True Story

Directed by Siddharth P Malhotra, Maharaj features actors like Jaideep Ahlawat, Junaid Khan, Shalini Pandey, and Sharvari (in a special appearance). As per the makers, Netflix's movie Maharaj is based on the true events of the infamous Maharaj Libel Case of 1862 in which Junaid Khan is playing the character of journalist Karsandas Mulji. 

Maharaj Libel Case of 1862 was among the most high-profile cases of pre-independent India. The case was against Nanabhai Rustomji Ranina and Karsandas Mulji. It was alleged that & their public accusation was that the religious leaders of Pushtimarg had sexual liaisons with women devotees, & was defamatory for the petitioner. Notably, the case commenced on 25 January 1862 and ended on 4 March 1862. Thirty-one witnesses were examined for the plaintiff and thirty-three for the defendant. The judgment was given on 22 April 1862 in favour of the defendant, Karsandas Mulji. The plaintiff was asked to pay Rs. 11,500 to Karsandas, who had to bear a cost of Rs 13,000. 

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