Mann Challenged Sheetal Angural - Don't threaten me with a debate, will debate whenever you want, why are you waiting for the 5th July, let's debate today

Elect Mohinder Bhagat as your MLA, we will make him a minister, then Jalandhar's development will happen at a faster pace - Mann

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Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann held nukkad meetings in various areas of Jalandhar West Assembly on Wednesday. AAP candidate Mohinder Bhagat and thousands of people attended these meetings. The Chief Minister held street meetings at many places including Nakodar Chowk and Main Road Avtar Nagar.

While addressing the people, Chief Minister Mann appealed to the people to make AAP candidate Mohinder Bhagat win and said that you should make Mohinder Bhagat an MLA, we will make him a minister, then Jalandhar will develop at a faster pace.

Mann said that the result of this election cannot cause any change in the government. Neither our government will fall nor anyone else's government will be formed, but the victory of the Aam Aadmi Party candidate will give you a share in the government, due to which the development of this area will be done at a faster pace.
He said that we will open good schools and hospitals in this area so that you can get good treatment and your children can get the best education. We will fix the bad sewerage system here. We will repair the streets and drains. We will solve all the problems related to electricity and water.

Mann said that he has closed about 16 toll plazas in Punjab. Due to which people are saving 60 lakh rupees a day. He said that these toll plazas were installed by Pratap Singh Bajwa, who is coming here to seek votes. We implemented one MLA one pension. We made 600 units of electricity free and gave government jobs to 43 thousand youth without any bribe.

Mann targeted BJP candidate Sheetal Angural and said that two years ago also you had made him an MLA of Aam Aadmi Party but he turned out to be a party-changer and greedy. This election is being held due to his selfish agenda and greed. He has made a mockery of democracy by resigning. Mann asked the people to teach him such a lesson that no one dares to resign like this again.

Mann said that by leaving the MLA post, he has betrayed the party and the people here. Due to his betrayal, crores of rupees are being spent from the government treasury in the by-election, which is people's tax money.

Mann warned Sheetal Angural and said, "Don't challenge me. I don't have an NDPS case against me for drug smuggling like you. Give this threat of debate to someone else, you can debate with me whenever you want. Why are you waiting for the 5th, let's debate today."

Mann said that I told Sheetal Angural to stop his corrupt activities, but he did not listen. He had difficulty in doing illegal work while being in the Aam Aadmi Party, so he went to the BJP because the BJP gives free hand to do corruption. But we will not let him do corruption.

Mann said that I have not come into politics to earn money. If I had to earn money, I would have earned crores of rupees. 20 years ago, I used to charge 25 lakh rupees for a show and I used to get 70 lakh rupees for a show abroad. Mann said that the day I am accused of corruption of even one rupee, I will leave politics myself.

 Mann appealed to the people and said that BJP and Congress people will come to you, but there will be no benefit in voting for them. Even if they win, I have to do the work.

*Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann has done a lot of work for the development of Punjab in the last two years, encourage him by pressing the 'jharoo' button on the 10th - Mohinder Bhagat*

'AAP' candidate Mohinder Bhagat thanked the people who came to the meetings and Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann and said that this is the first time in the history of Punjab that a Chief Minister has come to live in Jalandhar with his family. He said that Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann has done a lot of work for the development of Punjab in the last two years, encourage him by pressing the 'jharoo' button on the 10th.