Maskless couple misbehaving with Police arrested after the video goes viral

Earlier the husband was arrested and today the lady was also booked for not wearing the mask and misbehaving with frontline warriors.

The couple misbehaving with the police personnel stationed at the Darya Ganj area is arrested after the video went viral on social media. Earlier the husband was arrested and today the lady was also booked for not wearing the mask and misbehaving with frontline warriors.

Today, on April 19 the couple was seen wearing the mask and following the guidelines, also behaving decently.

In the viral video, the couple identified as Pankaj and Abha, residents of Patel Nagar, Delhi were seen refusing to wear masks and misbehaving with police. The video of the incident was shared by Delhi Police.

In viral video, women could be seen shouting at the top of her voice saying, "Gadi kyu rokun? Mujhe jaldi jana h toh jana h. Gadi ke andhar mask ni pehnna, ismai kya galt hai? Mask pehnne se ruk kya raha hai? Ab agr mai apne husband ko kiss krungi toh aap kya krlenge? Bina mtlb pagal bna rkha hai sbko, aur agr tum mai sharam hai toh isko upload krna." (Why should I stop my car? I need to rush, so I will. What's wrong with not wearing a mask inside the car? What has been stopped by wearing a mask? What if I will kiss my husband here, what will you do? You all are making fool of the public and the world. And if you are ashamed then upload this video.)

"Challan loge, loge challan? Haan nahi pehnna mask, ghum rhi hu gaadi mai apne pati ke saath. Roki kese apne meri gaadi?" (Will you impose the fine? Yes, I haven't worn a mask, traveling with my husband in a car. How dare you stop our car?)

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Before claiming that she is the daughter of the Sub-inspector, she shouted that I have cleared the UPSC Exam. When the police officer said that the police has the right to stop them, she claimed that she had cleared the UPSC Exam. And answering this, one of the cops said that if you have cleared UPSC Exam then you should know how to behave in a more sensible manner.

After a heated argument, the couple was taken to Darya Ganj Police Station and an FIR against various sections of IPC was registered against them.

This incident took place on the second day of the weekend curfew imposed by the Chief Minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal. Earlier, on April 7 the Delhi High Court said that it is compulsory to wear a mask even if you are 'driving alone' in a car. You will drive a car in a Public place, ruled by the high court.

Today, Delhi reported 25,462 positive cases, 161 deaths in the last 24 hours.

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