Media literacy: Western media on PM Modi, farmers protest, Press freedom

It has a deleterious impact on the image of Prime Minister Narendra Modi as well as India in the larger picture.

Farmers protesting around the borders in Delhi are getting international attention from media, activists, celebrities and American lawmakers among others. As the Indian democracy has slipped to 53rd rank on the Democracy Index by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) and it has been dubbed as 'flawed democracy', the country is facing heat from different quarters.

It has a deleterious impact on the image of Prime Minister Narendra Modi as well as India in the larger picture. As India's Ministry of External Affairs released a press statement yesterday after Rihanna and Greta Thunberg extended their support to the farmers in India, the ministry termed it "sensationalist." Many Indian celebrities and sport personalities among others followed the suit and tweeted to save the grave in which they used hashtags like #Indiatogether and #Indiaagainstpropaganda.

Let's focus on how the international media is covering Prime Minister Modi, Farmers Protest and the issues related to Freedom of Press in India amidst the ongoing agitation by farmers.

BuzzFeed News:

Pranav Dixit, a reporter with BuzzFeed has written a report, "Twitter Unblocked Accounts That Criticized India’s Government. Now, Its Employees Are Being Threatened With Jail Time Unless It Blocks Them Again."

In the report, Mr. Dixit has reported how the government of India has threatened Twitter and its employees after it restored the accounts tweeting about farmers protest. As per the report, the government threatened Twitter employees with seven years of imprisonment and fines.

Here is a glimpse of the report:

The Atlantic:

The Atlantic published an article written by Vidya Krishnan. The title of the article, "The End of the Indian Idea" traces how the government of India is cracking down on the Press in India. The article starts with discussing the warning bells that rang about the courts, Press, intellectuals and minorities in the country.

Here is a glimpse of the article:

The Economist

The Economist is one of the prominent media houses. In the Asia section of their website, TSN finds an article about Budget 2021, "India’s budgets are becoming ever less reformist."

Here is a glimpse of the article:

The New York Times

The New York Times published an article written by Mujib Mashal and Sameer Yaseer. The title of the piece is, "Modi’s Response to Farmer Protests in India Stirs Fears of a Pattern." The article discusses how Prime Minister Modi's response to dissent is prickly and insecure where blocking of the internet and cracking down on journalists is given prominence.

Here is a glimpse of article:

The Washington Post

The Washington post has reported on the tweet by Rihanna. The headline was, "1 tweet from Rihanna on farmer protests gets India incensed." The writer, Sheikh Saaliq discusses how one tweet from Rihanna- a pop superstar, has angered the Indian government and the government went on releasing press statement.

Here is a glimpse of report:

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