Mega crowd gathers for nomination of BJP’s Lok Sabha Candidate from Jalandhar Sushil Rinku

The nomination program started from Kachehri Chowk and ended after reaching the District Commissioner’s (DC) office.

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Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) supporters came out in droves to support their Lok Sabha Candidate for Jalandhar, Sushil Kumar Rinku during his nomination. The roadshow was packed with enthusiasm with the worker chanting Rinku’s name boosting their moral while subsequently sending a message to the opposition.


The nomination program started from Kachehri Chowk and ended after reaching the District Commissioner’s (DC) office. On this occasion, BJP District President Sushil Sharma, National Executive Member Manoranjan Kalia, State General Secretary Rakesh Rathore, State Vice Presidents KD Bhandari and Rajesh Bagha, former CPS Avinash Chandra, Karamjit Kaur Chaudhary, State Media Convener Rakesh Goyal, Dhruv Wadhwa, Rajan Angural, Sunita Rinku and Ranjit Pawar.


Union Minister Gajendra Singh Shekhawat said on this occasion that the BJP led Central Government develops the country without any discrimination and implements the beneficial schemes of the Centre. He said that Jalandhar voters are fully prepared to make BJP win and they will make BJP candidate Sushil Rinku victorious with a big lead, and we will do all-round development of the entire constituency.


He said that seeing the crowd gathered today, the morale of the common people including BJP has also increased. He said that BJP's victory from Jalandhar Lok Sabha is certain, but the announcement is yet to be made. He said that everyone is overwhelmed by the tremendous support given by the people and workers of Jalandhar. It has been said that by making BJP candidate from Jalandhar Lok Sabha constituency Sushil Rinku victorious with a huge lead and sending him to the Lok Sabha, we will strengthen the hands of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi.


On this occasion, Sushil Rinku congratulated the people and BJP workers who participated in the nomination program. He expressed his gratitude to the people of Jalandhar. He assured the people of Jalandhar that he is always committed to serve the public. Furthermore, he said that the way the situation is going on in Jalandhar, the law and order situation has collapsed, and the promises made to the people have not been fulfilled. First, during the tenure of Congress in the state and now during the two-year tenure of AAP government, the development of Jalandhar has come to a halt. He said that to get rid of all this, make BJP victorious from Jalandhar and in the Punjab Assembly elections to be held in 2027. Make BJP government in Punjab by making BJP win with huge majority. He said that the people of Jalandhar have seen the tenure of Congress and AAP Party and people have now understood that the future and progress of Jalandhar is in the hands of BJP only.


On this occasion, BJP District General Secretary Ashok Sarin Hickey, Rajesh Kapoor, District Vice President Davinder Kalia, Davinder Bhardwaj, Gurinder Singh Lamba, Bhupinder Kumar, Darshan Bhagat, Munish Vij, District Secretary Ajay Chopra, Sham Sharma, Ashwani Atwal, Gaurav Mahe, Anu Sharma, Meenu Sharma, Amit Bhatia, District Cashier Hitesh Syal, Office Incharge Mr. Gopal Krishna Soni, Office Incharge Yogesh Malhotra, District Spokesperson Sunny Sharma, Lok Sabha Media Tarun Kumar and Amit Bhatia, Dimpy Lubana, Divisional Presidents Rajesh Malhotra, Kulwant Sharma, Gurpreet Vicky, Ashish Sehgal, Sandeep Kumar, Rakesh Sharma, Pradeep Kapania, Kshitij Dhall, Rahul Jamwal, Kuldeep. Manak, Anuj Sharda, Gaurav Rai, Bhuvan Malhotra, Pankaj Julka, Ajmer Singh Badal, Kishan Lal Sharma, Pramod Kashyap, Ramesh Sharma, Himanshu Sharma, Sunny Sharma, Manoj Aggarwal, Baljeet Singh Prince, Narinderpal Singh Dhillon, Baljeet Singh Ahulavia, Rajesh Agnihotri Bhola were also present.